Countrywide Management Services is a small Mildura based accounting and business services practice. Because we are small, we are better placed to understand the requirements of small business.

We offer our clients ready access to affordable advice and professional services when they need it.

Countrywide Management Services offer a comprehensive range of personalized services, which include Business Consulting, Corporate Services and Taxation.

Our firm has access to a range of specialty services, such as Financial Planning, Finance Broking and Insurance.

We also provide Administration Services  in the areas of Payroll, Cash flow and Corporate administration.

As well as affordability and access, we also offer both independence and confidentiality, so important in dealing with client needs in a small community.

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: 70 Lemon AvenueMildura VIC 3500
: 03 5021 3177
: 03 5023 3022
  • Need a New Accountant?

    Need a New Accountant?
  • Accessible and Approachable?

    Are you tired of never being able to get in contact with your accountant when you need him?

    At Countrywide we guarantee quality advice from our qualified and experienced team - when you want it. We make sure we return your call that same day.

    In a small practice, it is vital all members of our staff know the client and take ownership of the client?s needs. There are no staff/management levels here; we are all work at the coal face.

    This saves you both time and frustration.

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  • Are your Accountant?s fees too high?

    Because we are a small accounting practice, our overheads are far less than the larger accounting firms. We pass these savings on to our clients in the form of lower fees.

    Fees are a good indicator as to whether you have the right accountant for you.

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  • How to change accountants

    In most cases this is a simple process governed by the ethical standards of our professional associations.

    The client just has to make the decision.

    Most accounting firms respect the client?s wishes to move on, if they don?t, it reveals their lack of respect and validates the decision to change.

    It is simple really; if you see the need for change or can see how a change will benefit your business, then make that change NOW, we would be very happy to help.

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  • Taxation Services

    Taxation Services
  • Taxation Services we provide

    We offer taxation services to individuals and businesses alike whether they operate as a partnership, trust or in a company structure. All types of entities are important to us, with a good tax outcome being our overriding aim.

    We offer services in all areas of taxation:

      • Income Tax
      • Goods & Services Tax
      • Capital Gains Tax
      • Withholding Tax
      • Fringe Benefits Tax

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  • Are you Paying Too Much Tax?

    While everybody says they are paying too much tax, we take the time to ensure you are not. By using the latest tax minimization strategies and access to some of the best taxation minds in the world, we can ensure this is not the case.

    There are times when a one off event in your life may have significant tax consequences. This may require specialist advice prior to the transaction going ahead and require a strategy of events to be put in place.

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  • Are you Tax Compliant?

    Whether you are a retiree, a wage and salary earner or a small business operator, you must be tax compliant at all times.

    The range of penalties the tax office can now impose means tax obligations must be completed both correctly, and on time.

    Working with us you will always be tax compliant. If any hassles with the tax office do occur we step in and handle them for you.

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  • Business Services

    Business Services
  • Buying, starting up or selling a business

    Have a great business idea or market niche to start up your own business?

    We at Countrywide will make sure you are put into the correct business structure which is both the most tax affective for income distribution and protecting your assets such as your family home or car.

    If you are not a new business but wish to have your current structure evaluated to cover the areas above, please contact us as we can get this sorted.

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  • Administration services

    The services we offer are advice on

      • Buying and Selling a business
      • Business Structures and Asset Security
      • Bookkeeping
      • Payroll and Cash Management
      • Sourcing and applying for Finance
      • Insolvency Advice
      • Management and Cost Accounting

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  • Need business help?

    Avoid those sleepless nights wondering whether your business is actually compliant with your employees, income tax and GST.

    We can review your business to make sure all areas of your business will pass and ATO audit and be compliant with the current Australian Taxation Laws.

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