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Countrywide Management Services specialise in Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation. You don’t need to worry about what the new tax laws are and whether they apply to you; Countrywide Management Services handle that for you.

Countrywide Management Services ensure you are getting all the deductions and tax savings you are entitled to and also shows you potential deductions and tax savings for next year.

Everyone’s tax situation is different. Countrywide Management Services provide professional expertise tailored to your needs and at an affordable price.

Countrywide Management Services offer a comprehensive range of Taxation services and advice including:

  • General Tax Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Income Tax Returns & Financial Statements
  • Electronic Lodgement of BAS & IAS Returns
  • Finance Advice in Relation to Asset Purchases
  • Quarterly BankLink Cashflow Reports
  • Periodic Financial Reports
  • Computer Bookkeeping Support
  • BankLink

A brief overview of our services is listed below; but why not make an appointment and sit down with us to discuss your needs?

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General Tax Advice

Countrywide Management Services are committed to continual training and regularly attend seminars to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest information on taxation. As your taxation specialist, Countrywide Management Services can assist you with all your personal, rural and business taxation needs. Taxation advice should not just occur at June 30, we strive to ensure you have access to accurate tax advice throughout the entire year.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is all about planning for the future. It will assist you to make decisions about your business or personal situation and it also helps you to plan for the "not so good times". You don't have to leave all your tax planning until the last minute. CWMS can provide estimates prior to June 30 to ensure that you can plan ahead. The best time to talk to your accountant is between March and June of each year.

Income Tax Returns & Financial Statements

We prepare a wide range of Taxation Returns for various business/taxation structures. These include:

  • Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Trusts, Companies
  • GST Returns
  • Various ATO required statements such as an Ultimate Beneficiary Statement
  • Various Registration requirements such as the GST Registration

In most cases, each of these returns are accompanied by Financial Statements, prepared in accordance with specific accounting guidelines. These financial statements form the basis for discussion regarding your financial position at a certain point in time.

Electronic Lodgement of BAS & IAS Returns

The introduction of GST has resulted in extra reporting and record-keeping requirements for most businesses, with new lodgement obligations varying between monthly, quarterly and annual reconciliations. In addition to these extra compliance issues, there are also changes to business registration information. We can perform your compliance needs, advise which registrations are necessary or voluntary, and complete these registrations and lodge them electronically on your behalf.

Finance Advice in Relation to Asset Purchases

Always contact Countrywide Management Services before purchasing and financing a new asset. We can obtain and evaluate the quotes you receive in view of taxation, cash flow requirements and cost effectiveness. This is a highly competitive market where the interest rate is not always the deciding factor.

Quarterly BankLink Cashflow Reports

Quarterly Cashflow Reports can be provided from Banklink. The reports can provide a comparative analysis of budget, actual and last year's results. the Business Development Team has developed this report better known as "The Business Health Check". This analysis of your trading gives recommendations as well as detailed information on the quarter's results including cash flow summaries and numerous trading graphs.

Periodic Financial Reports

Should you require finance for your business operations, it is most likely that your lender will require current financial reports. Depending on your individual circumstances, Countrywide Management Services can provide up to date reports to enable you to gain the finance required to facilitate the growth and profitability of your business.

Computer Bookkeeping Support

There are a number of computerised accounting packages available such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Phoenix, to name a few. Countrywide Management Services can offer advice and support when you are evaluating a program that is best suited to your needs.


Struggling to keep up to date with GST compliance? There is an answer - BANKLINK.

By using BankLink your monthly bank statement is electronically sent to us, we will then print out a coding report (similar to your bank statement) and all you have to do is nominate the details of each transaction. BankLink also offers powerful reporting tools, especially useful for Cashflow Budgeting. The other advantage of BankLink is that it can help to minimise your accounting fees.

Restructuring Your Trading Entity

It is important that you speak to your accountant about the entity that is best suited to your trading needs. Countrywide Management Services can provide experienced and knowledgeable advice on all of the advantages and disadvantages of the various business structures, to ensure you have the least costly and most effective means of planning for your business and personal success.

  • Is it BAS time again? 

    Is it BAS time again?

    Don't do it yourself! Let a licensed professional look after it for you

  • Starting a new business? 

    Starting a new business?

    Why not have us assist and let us create a business plan?

  • Capital gains tax or GST problems? 

    Capital gains tax or GST problems?

    Why not get us to take you through the process and manage it for you?

  • Do you want to check tax rates or tax benefits? 

    Do you want to check tax rates or tax benefits?

    We can help you with all the queries you may have with rental properties etc.